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Hey Salon Owners, I wanted to get this article out to you as the time is here!

There are two big benefits for Salons to sell more gift certificates – new clients and additional dollars received.  So why aren’t you selling more gift certificates?

There is no Reason to not sell Gift Cards. Let’s look at some industry stats around gift certificate sales:

  • 31% of clients trying a business for the first time do so because they received a gift certificate, that breaks down to 3 out of every 10 new clients come to you from a gift!
  • More than half of them, roughly 51%, come back more than once, Think Retention
  • 7 out of every 10 gift certificate redeemers spend more money!

So, what does all this mean? What it means is this: Salons that sell more gift certificates should also have (a) more new clients, (b) more first-time clients who become returning clients, and (c) clients who spend more when they visit with the gift card.

Now that we know “WHY” gift cards work, let’s look at the secrets to selling gift cards in the salon industry.

  • Secret #1 in the Secret for Selling More Gift Certificates is:

Set goals,

You need to know where you are now before you get directions to where you are going. As they say, “What gets measured, gets done.”  Goals must be specific and measurable, and let’s keep the Goals simple. Always remember the acronym K.I.S.S. (keep it simple stupid) when setting goals. If this is your first time setting gift certificate sales goals you may want to focus on a few key numbers, such as percentage of sales last year, new clients gained, and overall revenue generated from gift certificate sales.

  • Secret #2 in the Secret for Selling More Gift Certificates is:

Track the results of your Salons gift certificate marketing.

If you can’t track gift certificate marketing efforts, you won’t know what’s working.  Here are some ways you can track gift certificate marketing results:

Overall and monthly, quarterly, etc. revenue attributed to sales of gift certificates

Number of gift certificates sold

Average amount of gift certificates

Percentage of staff (if you have any) who sell one or more gift certificates

Sales of gift certificates by staff

Percentage of customers buying gift certificates

Number of new clients acquired from gift certificates

Number of first time clients (attributed to gift certificate redemption) who return one or more times

Percentage of first time clients who become repeat clients

Number of gift certificate redeemers who purchase services, retail products and/or both

  • Secret #3 in the Secret for Selling More Gift Certificates is:

Stop Thinking Gift Certificates sell themselves.

Clients expect every salon to have gift certificates, but they simply need to be reminded when to buy them.

Your clients know you have gift certificates. Therefore, if they aren’t buying your gift certificates, it’s not because they don’t know you have them!

If you want to sell more gift certificates, you shouldn’t be just reminding clients that they exist; rather, you need to remind them to buy them.

They need to be reminded when to give them.

They need to know who to give them to.

They need to know that you’re grateful for their referrals – whether those new clients come strictly via word of mouth or because they received a gift certificate.

They need to feel that giving it is as special as shopping hours for the perfect gift.

  • Secret #4 in the Secret for Selling More Gift Certificates is:

Be occasion-specific.

The four life events and occasions that generate the most gift certificate sales overall are Christmas, birthdays, Mother’s Day and Anniversaries.

Create marketing campaigns that promote sales of gift certificates that speak to these gift-certificate-sales-generating occasions and invest more in gift certificate marketing around these key events.

  • Secret #5 in the Secret for Selling More Gift Certificates is:

Market everywhere.

Run Targeted Facebook Ad Campaigns

You can use Facebook Ads specifically for promoting gift cards throughout the holiday season.

Select the “Send people to your website” option as the first step for creating your campaign objective. Enter the URL of your gift card landing page on your website, or the buy now page of your website.

This lets the client proceed with the purchase instead of trying to find the “buy” button upon arriving at your site.

Trade with neighboring businesses.

Target all business within a 10-mile radius. Exchange gift certificates with them – hair salons for their gift certificates,

Try displaying at the checkout

Have a chalkboard and easel at the desk with gift card specials and reminders

Write on mirrors with dry erase reminding clients of the gift card specials

Make sure you push email and text marketing if you have it.

Pricing Idea

Buy a $100-gift card get $20 in beauty bucks toward service or retail that expires in 60 days from purchase. This is great for the slow times as it creates upsell opportunities. Remember gift certificates can’t expire so you can do add-ons that do expire like beauty bucks.

You can combine a gift certificate with a product set of products you need to get rid of and drastically discount the product to make the gift certificate that much more attractive.

Try displaying a classy plastic gift card on top of a fancy Tiffany like gift box as the center display on a retail area.

There are many ways to make the boring gift certificate look attractive. Be creative and get to marketing!

Be Profitable

Derek Hull


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